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Notice of Forthcoming Procurements

This form is to be submitted at the beginning of the process, for all procurements which will exceed the dollar thresholds as established in The Procurement Handbook, Part I, Chapter 7- Thresholds and Delegations.
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Requesting Agency Information
Date:   7/7/2015
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When needed services are not available from within the Commonwealth, a contract can normally be justified if the following questions can be answered affirmatively and documented.
Are the services needed to satisfy a specific program or departmental objective?*
Can the results of a contract be anticipated?*
Will the anticipated results justify estimated costs of the contract?*
If a similar effort was previously undertaken, have the results of the prior effort been evaluated to determine why it was not successful and why the effort is to be duplicated either partially or wholly?*
Are knowledgeable agency personnel available to monitor a contractor's progress to ensure compliance with contract provisions? If the contract involves a system design, are agency personnel available to work with the contractor to ensure a smooth transition and understanding when the contractor transfers the complete design to the Commonwealth?*
Have all Commonwealth personnel policies and practices been considered and adhered to, assuring that the needed services should not be provided by an employee and the contract will not involve an employee/ employer/ relationship or violate labor relations?*
Approving Authority (Agency Head or Deputy reviewing and approving this request)
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The printed names on this form shall constitute the signature of these individuals and approval for the Agency request. Agencies must ensure that these individuals review the completed form and give their consent to apply their printed name on this form. No handwritten signatures shall be required in order for the form to be considered "signed" by these individuals.


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