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This form is to be completed by the Agency issuing the Contract/PO for procurements that exceed the dollar thresholds established in Part 1, Chapter 7 of the Procurement Handbook for this identified procurement.
  1. Agency provides, if  full delegation is granted.
  2. BOP/OIT provides, if they led the solicitation and the agency executed the resulting contract/PO.
  3. BOP/OIT provides, if they led the solicitation and executed the resulting contract.
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Please identify below the direct labor performed under the contract that will be performed outside the United States and not within the geographical boundaries of a party to the World Trade Organization Government Procurement Agreement and identify the country where the direct labor will be performed.
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A copy of the Domestic Workforce Certification, and a copy of the small diverse business commitments made in the contract must accompany this form, and if applicable, a copy of the Small Business Procurement Initiative self-certification.
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Submit this completed form and attachments within (10) ten days after contract/PO executed.

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